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Fingerprint Scanners Are The Security Of The Future

When securing your Nashville, TN home or business, it’s critical that you use the latest technology to do so. Using outdated technology could leave your family and your employees vulnerable. A state-of-the-art security system should help keep...Read More

Some Ins And Outs Of Outdoor Security Cameras

Surveillance cameras play a vital role in securing the perimeter of homes, offices, schools, and more. In many instances, they are a property owner's first line of defense against thieves, vandals, and trespassers. The devices help employees,...Read More

Business Security And Monitoring Your Property

When it comes to modern business operations, few things are as obvious as the fact that a company operating today will face numerous threats from a variety of sources. As such, it’s important that you keep an eye on your Nashville, TN business...Read More

Tips To Stop Thieves From Tampering with Security Cameras

Surveillance systems are an integral part of giving yourself peace of mind and making sure that you and your loved ones are safe and protected throughout the year. But while the right security cameras are a key part of keeping your property safe,...Read More

Easy Ways To Secure Your Business Properly

Business is about two main things – generating revenue, and controlling expense. You need to be able to earn more than you spend in a given period or else your business will be destined to fail. But one thing that may have a hugely negative...Read More

Evolving Security to Fit with the Internet of Things

Perhaps you have heard the phrase the Internet of Things-do you know what this means? It is the network of devices like electronics, sensors, and others that allow things to connect, interact, and exchange data. We hear a lot about cybersecurity and...Read More

Easy Ways To Protect Your Pets While They Are At Home

When people aren’t at their home, it’s difficult for them to relax without knowing for sure that their property is protected. And in addition to personal property is the fact that many Nashville homeowners own pets as well. And when you...Read More

5 Reasons Burglars Choose A House

A lot of burglars are desperate and opportunistic.  They spot someone leaving a house, they take a risk and smash a window to get in, and they grab whatever looks valuable before running as fast as they can.  However, other burglars in...Read More

Active Surveillance Is An Effective Way To Prevent Apartment Car Theft

Car thieves will often target apartment parking lots and garages in and around Nashville, TN when they’re looking for something to steal.  With so many people coming and going they don’t look suspicious, and since there are so many...Read More

When to Utilize a High-Security Door Lock

When you have a home or business in Nashville, TN, you want to do everything in your power to protect your property. While having a traditional lock and key can provide you with some base level security for your property, you may want to consider...Read More

Keep Your Smart Home Safe With These Tips

You don't have to be technologically knowledgeable or savvy to take advantage of smart home systems in Nashville, TN. Mobile setups and other resources are being integrated into these systems, and you have a helping hand throughout each step of the...Read More

The Smart City Movement and Security

Governments have begun to integrate data and technology in an attempt to bolster efficiency and response for citizens in Nashville TN and other cities throughout the country. The Smart City movement is about enhancing these processes and improving...Read More

Security Solutions to Protect Your Business

If you are a business owner in Nashville TN, then you are very aware of how time-consuming and challenging running your own business can be. With all the different aspects of the business to contend with, some areas may fall short, and corners may...Read More

Daycare Security Is A Smart Investment

If you run a daycare or other childcare facility in Nashville, TN, you are probably already aware of the heavy responsibility you bear. Children are, in one sense, one of the most important investments that any human being can make, and to be...Read More

The Benefits Of Outdoor Security Cameras And Things To Consider

When installing security cameras, it’s critical that you evaluate areas of vulnerability both inside and outside your Nashville, TN home or business. Unfortunately, property owners tend to neglect outdoor cameras. Outdoor cameras are a vital...Read More

Investing In A Smarter Security Gate

According to the American Bureau of Justice, right around 3.7 million homes get burglarized in the United States each year. In most cases, criminals make their way into a home using the front door. Knowing that breaking into a window or sneaking...Read More

Creating A Secure Sunday School Environment

Sunday school is an environment for enrichment, not endangerment. A safe and secure place is a must for Sunday school, making a security system an important investment for any school building. It’s the task of staff to ensure student safety,...Read More

Why Condo Owners Need A Security System

Those who live in a Nashville, TN condo often feel as though they’re safe and protected from harm. After all, most condos have some kind of security measures in place such as cameras and even a guard. But the fact is that you may actually need...Read More

4 Ways To Protect Your Security Cameras

Security cameras are an important part of an integrated security system.  While they can’t prevent a crime from happening, they can deter potential criminals from acting by letting them know someone’s watching and they can record...Read More

A Closer Look At Fingerprint Scanners

The future is here, at least where various things are concerned. And one area that the modern world has finally caught up to sci-fi movies is in security systems. Fingerprint scanners, for example, are now more common in Nashville, TN than most...Read More

3 of the Most Common Robbery Locations

It is said that a robbery occurs every thirteen seconds which is not something we really want to have to think about, but it happens in Nashville, TN. That is one of the reasons we need security in place for our homes and businesses. The following...Read More

Why Use A Waterproof Security Camera?

Security for the home or business in Nashville, TN is always going to be a concern for prudent property owners. When you work hard, and own a home and/or business, you want to make sure that your investment is safe, and that the odds of theft or...Read More

What The Professionals Have to Say About Hidden Cameras

When you have a surveillance security system in Nashville TN, people notice the cameras right away and are aware they are being monitored. However, with a hidden camera, you can have the benefits of monitoring people without their knowledge. Even...Read More

Shut Down Your Teens House Party Before It Begins

When your teenager has an unauthorized, unsupervised party, it can easily turn into a disaster. This is especially true when a large group mixes with alcohol and drugs. Opening the door to a teen party opens the door for accidents, injuries, and...Read More

Protect Your Business With The Right Surveillance System

In this day and age, business owners in Nashville TN more than ever must go above and beyond to protect their assets. A video surveillance system cannot stop crimes like shoplifting or burglary from taking place, but they can limit them from...Read More

You Can Have Security Even On A Small Business Budget

When you run a small business in Nashville TN, you know that every cent counts.  Not only do you have to make enough money to keep yourself and your family fed, you also have to pay your employees, pay your rent, maintain your insurance, make...Read More

10 Uses for Covert Video to Build Your Bottom Line

It's a well known saying that only the dumb criminals in Nashville, TN get caught - and statistics prove this out. According to data from the Department of Justice, less than 19% of thefts in Nashville, TN ever result in an arrest. Many business...Read More

7 Tips to Maintain Your Video Surveillance System

To ensure your surveillance system in Nashville, TN is performing at its best, performing regular scheduled maintenance is recommended. Regular maintenance allows you to get the most optimal performance out of your surveillance system and protect...Read More

5 Tips to Reduce Employee Theft

No business owner in Nashville, TN would want to come across the possibility of his/her business property being stolen from by his/her employees. According to a survey by Jack L. Hayes International, thefts initiated by employees can be 5.5 times...Read More

Use the Power of Technology to Protect Your Home and Family

Technology has changed the face of home protection in Nashville TN forever. Thanks to advances in wireless technology, a homeowners can keep a watchful eye on their homes from virtually anywhere. They can even lock the doors if their kids forget to...Read More

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